Catch a rare glimpse into the secret second life of young, elite professionals in Unanchored, a brand-new docuseries that follows a group of best friends as they embark on their next travel...
Season 1 - Unanchored
"Nine friends embark on an epic three-week adventure in the Bahamas. Barrett and Danielle take their first trip as an official couple. Vanessa flaunts a new flame to make ex-boyfriend Max jealous. The group adjusts to Capt. Jack who runs a tight ship."
"The crew gears up for a New Year's Eve celebration complete with costumes, champagne, cheers and tears. Rachel struggles to stand up for herself. Chelsi reunites with a crush. Capt. Jack learns of a close friend's passing back in London."
"Danielle and Barrett celebrate a romantic milestone. Rachel decides it's time to have the relationship talk with Albie. Max brings a woman back to the boat. A new person arrives in the Bahamas. Capt. Jack mourns the loss of his best friend."
"A tropical storm forces the crew to move the party from the boat to dry land. Max finally gets real with Quenton about his feelings on his place in their family and his possible future with Vanessa. Korey learns of a work emergency back home."
"Still reeling from the revelation that Barrett slept with Rachel, the friends hit Tahiti Beach. Quenton spills secrets about Max's unconventional upbringing. Vanessa and Max finally confess their secret romance."
"Captain Jack calls an urgent meeting to deal with the fallout of Vanessa and Rachel's fight. Korey celebrates a bittersweet final day in the Bahamas before he returns to the responsibilities of real life."
"The crew descends on Piggy Beach to splash with swimming swine, then set out on an elaborate, island-wide treasure hunt. Vanessa and Chelsi decide to forgive Rachel. Captain Jack feels he\u2019s lost the crew\u2019s respect. Max contemplates going into business with Quenton."
"As the trip nears its end, Rachel makes a final push to get Albie to commit. Vanessa wonders if her fling with Max could become a real romance. A crew member has a terrifying shark encounter. The group begins to wonder if their friendship will last."
"Capt. Jack and his crew say farewell to their friends on Boat Two, then spend a dreamy final day in the Bahamas. Rachel attempts to apologize to Danielle. Capt. Jack makes a heartfelt pledge. Max stuns everyone with a giant romantic gesture."