Misfit Garage

As things went in the workshop at Gas Monkey there was conflict and disagreements... Some which got certain guys either fired or forced them to take the road. But no, they aint giving up ...






Season 1 - Misfit Garage
Season 3 - Misfit Garage
"The guys buy a '69 Plymouth Satellite to turn it into a racer with a 750-hp big block 440 engine; Thomas Weeks buys a '32 Ford Five-Window Body and flips it for a quick profit."
"After tempers flare, the Garage team finish the 1969 Plymouth Satellite."
"A '71 Pontiac GTO with a rusted body is bought. Later, Thomas and the team buy a '41 Ford for their next build."
"The team bag a bargain on a '57 Corvette and the Fired Up Garage rebuilds a '56 Ford truck."
"Soup Bone ends up paying the price for some late parts. The Misfits manage to finish the '57 Corvette."
"The guys work on on Sue Yu-Lan Martin's '56 Ford truck."
"Thomas and Tom find a rusted but original '67 Chevelle. Also, Sue brings Richard Rawlings to help with her '56 Ford truck."
Season 4 - Misfit Garage
Season 5 - Misfit Garage
"Thomas tracks down a rare original 1932 Ford Tudor, which he intends to renovate and sell in order to sponsor a successful bull rider in the Season 5 premiere."
"The Misfits continue to work on the restoration of their vintage '32 Ford. Thomas throws a wrench in the plans and decides to take the car and the Misfits to the Barrett-Jackson all expenses paid."
"Fired Up rushes to finish the '55 Chevy Bel-Air in two weeks, but when Thomas fails to deliver a buyer, the garage's six figure pay day is thrown into jeopardy."
"The guys circumvent Thomas and buy back a 1952 Willys Jeep previously flipped with the intention of building the ultimate off-road machine. With no buyer, the guys pull out all the stops and decide to showcase the Jeep at \u201cRednecks With Paychecks.\u201d"
"John Klump returns to the Fired Up Garage with the Jeep Willy's painted the wrong color. Thomas and Tom make a deal on a vintage sixty-four GTI then attempt to trick Klump into thinking they are building the vehicle"
"Things brighten up for Fired Up when the garage tracks down a rare '65 Ford Sunliner; Thomas gambles on a Ferrari 400i with a V12 engine."
"With the '60 Sunliner back from paint, Thomas has major reservations about it's color and potential resale; Tom concocts a plan to make Fired Up Garage a household name by setting several Guinness World Records."
Season 6 - Misfit Garage
"The mechanics from Fired Up Garage are ready to rumble, when they get wind Richard Rawlings and the Street Racers from the 405 are holding a rematch. The Misfits challenge Farmtruck and AZN to an all out 30 lap, three-driver road course race."
"After Richard Rawlings blocks Fired Up Garage from entering the Lone Star Throwdown truck show, they must race to finish their build in order to find a buyer. But will a mountain of mismatched aftermarket parts bring this garage to its knees?"
"Thomas finds a rare, yet pristine '68 AMC AMX and with only thousands of this car ever made, finding parts for this American Motor Experimental car proves to make this one of the most difficult builds yet!"
"With trying to put the 1968 AMC AMX engine and transmission together, the mechanics find themselves in a circus of misfit parts and process. Will the guys be able to find their way through wires and misfires?"
"When Thomas finds a 70 1\/2 Camaro on the side of the road, he has to face down a young owner who drives a hard bargain. After a tough negotiation, the Fired Up Garage team takes the Camaro home, and they cannot believe their good fortune."
"A young owner drives a hard bargain when Thomas wants his 70 \u00bd Camaro. Once bought, the dream build quickly becomes a rust-filled nightmare. A rare \u201969 MGC pops up, and Richard Rawlings prompts the crew to aim higher."
"With insider facts and bonus scenes: Tom\u2019s blockbuster project from Chris Pratt, star of \u201cJurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,\u201d brings big league stakes to the Misfits. But a major fuel leak in the 70 \u00bd Camaro threatens their next level dreams with extinction."
"With a deadline looming, the boys of Fired Up Garage are looking to finish building their first ever foreign import: a 1961 Morris Minor. Meanwhile, Thomas has found the crown-jewel of any car enthusiast's collection: a 1932 Ford Model A Roadster."
"Fired Up Garage has gotten their hands on a 1964 GMC Truck, a vehicle known for being the preferred choice of the blue-collar American workforce. However, problems arise immediately when John Klump and his crew begin to work on the tough truck."
"It's all-hands-on-deck for the completion of the 1964 GMC Truck and the mechanics of FIRED UP definitely have their hands full! John Klump and his team deal with parts issues and Richard Rawlings stops by the shop for money from the \"Tom Weight Loss\" wager."
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