Lost in Transmission

Top Gear co-host and automotive aficionado, Rutledge Wood and his friend and fellow car fanatic, George Flanigen, are on a mission: to rescue America's greatest rides from barns and ...





Season 1 - Lost in Transmission
"In the series premiere, automobile enthusiasts Rutledge Wood and George Flanigen start up a new car restoration business and begin their search for neglected run-down classic cars to rescue. They hit the road in a custom-built 1949 Chevy Kurbmaster step van and find their first project: a purple-painted 1981 DeLorean that was submerged in saltwater during Hurricane Sandy, that's now sitting in a Fayette County, Georgia garage. After restoring the car for their client, the goal is to race it on the Atlanta Motor Speedway and reach a speed of 88 MPH, just like in the film that made this rare vehicle famous, Back to the Future. Also, Rutledge brings home a 1969 Subaru 360 mini-van, which he turns into a supped-up gas-powered golf cart."
"The guys restore a rusted-out 1974 VW Thing."
"They restore a 1972 Toyota FJ that hasn't been driven in 20 years."
"Rutledge and George come up with a plan to transform an AMC Eagle into a lowered street racer; Rutledge attempts to buy a 1950s era Ford F1 truck he's been stalking for years."
"A 1968 Ford XL convertible is restored as a surprise for its ailing owner, and Rutledge has word on George's long-lost Corvette. Meanwhile, a 1949 Chevy Long Bed truck is tricked-out as a gift for Rut's wife."