Granite Flats

When a mysterious object falls from the sky and an Army base explodes, three young amateur sleuths try to unveil the secrets of the small town.

Duration:50 min




Season 1 - Granite Flats
"No description"
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28 Apr 2013
"Friendships are tested after a failed class project, Beth investigates Frank's strange behavior, and John struggles to balance his family and his duties as police chief."
05 May 2013
"Arthur and his friends look for more mysteries to solve. John, the police chief, works with the FBI."
"No description"
19 May 2013
"John races to free Hershel from prison and the kids uncover real danger after the science fair."
Season 2 - Granite Flats
06 Apr 2014
"Chief Sanders and Agent Scott investigate citizens whose loyalties are questionable, the young detectives are still curious about the coded message they found, and at the hospital, experiments reveal a patient's past."
13 Apr 2014
"The three sleuths argue about getting involved with the FBI investigation. Beth is concerned about Frank and the hospital experiments. Wallace is caught in the middle when Regina and Hershel argue about what's best for him."
20 Apr 2014
"Timmy, Arthur, and Madeline make a dangerous discovery, right under the nose of the FBI. While they investigate, Granite Flats is in an uproar - chaos breaks out at the hospital and Chief Sanders races to apprehend a suspect."
27 Apr 2014
"Everyone tries to deal with the loss of a friend, and sorting it out reveals vulnerabilities: Regina keeps reflecting on better days, John can't seem to live with himself, and even Hershel struggles to deal with the tragedy."
04 May 2014
"The kids' new English teacher has a way of making Hamlet applicable to life in Granite Flats. Some citizens are unsettled when a CIA agent arrives. And Arthur's detective work reaches a new level."
11 May 2014
"Ashmead stirs up confusion and danger when he meddles in the Andrews' personal and professional lives, and Chief Sanders recruits a new deputy with somewhat surprising results."
18 May 2014
"Arthur continues his investigation alone and finds a resonant soul in Whittison. Hargraves counsels Timmy on romance. And Hershel becomes the bait in a dangerous trap."
25 May 2014
"Beth, Whittison and the Andrews turn the tables on Ashmead. Timmy and Madeline find out what everyone has been pursuing. Professor Hargraves may not be what he seems."
Season 3 - Granite Flats
"The Plumber investigation takes a step forward. Madeline makes a new friend. Regina gets a surprise. Trust issues arise for the Andrews. Scottie takes a case. An old secret comes to light."
"Regina has a late visitor. John and Hershel confront realities. Timmy and Madeline knock on the wrong door. Wallace learns of his future. Whittison faces his past."