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A teenage girl living in a house run by men dreams what life would be like if she lived in a more conventional family.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1990

IMDb: 6.0

Season 1 - Blossom
03 Jan 1991
"Blossom reaches puberty and substitutes an older friend for her absentee mother to talk about it."
07 Jan 1991
"Nick denies Blossom permission to go to the prom with a boy who has a reputation as a young ladies' man."
14 Jan 1991
"Blossom has problems with her dad's new girlfriend."
21 Jan 1991
"When Blossom is in charge of the home for one night, when her father performs on a cruise ship, she sees Anthony's new girlfriend stealing a family heirloom."
04 Feb 1991
"Blossom sneaks off to a make-out party."
11 Feb 1991
"Blossom feels left out when Six befriends a chic new student; the kids keep Nick from seeing his divorce papers."
18 Feb 1991
"Inspired by old home movies Blossom transferred to video, the family goes to the cabin by the lake."
25 Feb 1991
"When she gets tricked to go to the homecoming dance with a school geek, Blossom blames herself. Joey wants to get his driver's license"
04 Mar 1991
"Nick challenges Tony to get a job or move out. Tony gets a job, but gets fired, so Nick makes him move out of the class. Meanwhile, Blossom tries to write a song for a music class."
11 Mar 1991
"Blossom looks to Six for support to call a boy for a date."
25 Mar 1991
"Blossom dreams back to when she was in private school and how she schemes to get into public school and join the band. Meanwhile, Joey plots to pass a history test."
08 Apr 1991
"A woman whom Nick had a fling with shows up claiming that he is the father of her child."
29 Apr 1991
"Blossom is devastated after being dumped by a former boyfriend who had recently returned from college and met someone else."
"No description"
Season 2 - Blossom
16 Sep 1991
"Blossom reminisces in her diary about boyfriend Jimmy and the possibility of going to second base. Tony obsesses over earthquake preparedness. Nick writes a eulogy for a friend who died too young."
23 Sep 1991
"Nick is reacquainted with Buzz, his former musician father-in-law with whom he had a rocky relationship. However, instead of skipping town to go back on the road, Buzz considers staying to get to know his grandchildren."
"No description"
07 Oct 1991
14 Oct 1991
"Blossom is upset when a male friend spreads rumors that he scored with her. Joey accidentally gets put in an honors class and fears he will be considered a geek. So he tries to come up with..."
21 Oct 1991
04 Nov 1991
"Anthony tries to intervene when he sees that one of Joey's friends is depending too much on alcohol. Blossom and Nick decide to ditch school and work to spend a day together having fun."
11 Nov 1991
"Joey meets the girl of his dreams. However, there is one problem- she doesn't speak English. Fearing that her parents are getting divorced, Six begins to spend more of her time at Blossom's house."
18 Nov 1991
"While sick in bed, Blossom dreams that she is a prima donna rock star."
25 Nov 1991
"When they find out that Nick will be bringing home his latest girlfriend, the kids fantasize about what she will be like."
02 Dec 1991
09 Dec 1991
"Fearing that he will not be able to meet the next mortgage payment, Nick convinces the kids that they would be better off moving somewhere else."
16 Dec 1991
"With a shortage of jobs due to a musician's strike, Nick takes a low-paying job at a mall playing Christmas music."
06 Jan 1992
"Blossom freezes up during her PSAT test while Joey finds a way to excel on his SAT test. Tony fears that he may become addicted to gambling when Buzz takes him to the track."
13 Jan 1992
"Realizing that her substitute teacher will be leaving, Blossom tells him that she is in love with him. However when he is given another week at the school, Blossom fakes sickness to avoid him."
20 Jan 1992
"Blossom is the target of a female bully after she gets paired up with her boyfriend for a class assignment. Nick is visited by his old high school rival who is in the midst of a midlife crisis."
10 Feb 1992
"Blossom joins the debate team but has trouble speaking in public. Anthony saves the life of a centerfold."
17 Feb 1992
"For her mother's 40th birthday, Blossom decides to make a home video to send to her. However, one person who is reluctant to participate is her father."
24 Feb 1992
"Blossom and Six's slumber party is made more lively when a notorious party girl attends. However, they soon learn that she is just using the party as a cover so that she can go out drinking with a guy she had just met."
02 Mar 1992
"Blossom and Six camp out to try and get tickets for a C+C Music Factory concert. Anthony cannot understand why his new work partner is giving him the cold shoulder."
23 Mar 1992
06 Apr 1992
27 Apr 1992
Season 3 - Blossom
"No description"
"No description"
24 Aug 1992
14 Sep 1992
"Realizing that no one will be home for the night, Joey hires a call girl for his first sexual experience. However, when people start coming home unexpectedly, Joey must find a way to sneak her out of the house."
21 Sep 1992
"Joey struggles to come up with a short story for a class assignment."
28 Sep 1992
"After Vinnie gets in a bike accident, Blossom dreams about what would life be with and without him."
05 Oct 1992
"Blossom and Six get fake IDs so that they can attend a friend's nightclub performance. Feeling bad for a comedian that dies in his ambulance, Anthony decides to use the family home to host his funeral."
12 Oct 1992
"Joey is offered $10,000 to play minor league baseball but is torn when he learns that he would have to skip his senior year. Blossom and Six's yard sale unexpectedly ends with them being sent to jail."
26 Oct 1992
"On Halloween, Blossom and Six fight off a masked maniac: Joey, who is trying to sneak in after going to a party grounded. Meanwhile, Nick, Anthony and Buzz dress up as Wilson Phillips to win a cash prize, but get stranded at a bar."
09 Nov 1992
"The family watches news-style clips of Blossom's campaign to be school president."
16 Nov 1992
"Joey becomes worried after finding his birth certificate; Blossom conducts an family video interview."
23 Nov 1992
"Blossom wakes up in a dorm after drinking spiked punch at a party."
07 Dec 1992
"As part of a Social Studies mid-term, Blossom becomes Jewish for a week. In the meantime, she becomes concerned when Six tells her she is planning to lose her virginity to a guy from school."
21 Dec 1992
"Realizing that her and Vinnie might be separated by distance when she leaves for college, Blossom asks Buzz for advice. Buzz then retells the story about how he met Blossom's grandmother."
04 Jan 1993
"Nick is not so thrilled when the comedian that he is dating uses him and the family for laughs in her routine. Blossom and Six make a video about safe sex that does not meet the approval of their principal."
11 Jan 1993
"Blossom and Six reflect on how quickly they have grown up. Joey reluctantly agrees to be fixed up with Rhonda's cousin with a \"good personality\"."
"No description"
01 Feb 1993
"No description"
"No description"
22 Feb 1993
"Prom time brings up the topic of sex and relationships for more than one couple."
01 Mar 1993
"Blossom writes to her mother about the aftermath of her breakup with Vinnie. Nick flies out to Paris with the possibility of reconciling with Blossom's mother."
12 Apr 1993
"Blossom and Six's friendship takes a hit when Six goes behind Blossom's back to get the job that Blossom was initially interested in."
03 May 1993
"One of Nick's friends sees the potential for an NBC sitcom based on his life. However, Blossom becomes upset when Six is chosen to play her."
10 May 1993
"Blossom and Six have a new friend who is bulimic. Nick is nervous about his upcoming date with a new woman. Joey gets a pizza delivery and one of his first customers has a huge appetite but not for pizza."
17 May 1993
"Blossom ponders leaving life in California behind and moving to Paris to live her mother for an extended period. She is not sure how to break the news to Nick, Vinnie, and Six."
Season 4 - Blossom
"No description"
24 Sep 1993
"Blossom is wooed by a French waiter. Anthony and Joey find themselves in Paris with no money and being pursued over a valuable package. Vinnie decides to fly out to Paris to meet up with Blossom."
24 Sep 1993
"Vinnie arrives in Paris and catches Blossom in a compromising position with a French waiter. Joey and Anthony find out what is really in the package."
24 Sep 1993
"Blossom and Vinnie have a night out, with other dates. Joey and Anthony finally are forced to give up the package. Blossom's mother comes to the realization that she is uneasy with being a parental figure to Blossom."
27 Sep 1993
"Joey and Nick embark on a camping trip. Blossom becomes unnerved by Six's increasing dependence on alcohol. Anthony and Rhonda both admit to minor infidelities."
04 Oct 1993
"Blossom's mom announces that she is moving back to California to be closer to the family. Blossom becomes confused when she catches her mom and dad in a compromising position. Anthony and ..."
11 Oct 1993
"Six gets into a relationship with a married ex-convict who is ten years older than her. Meanwhile, Joey writes a letter to the president."
18 Oct 1993
"When Six runs off with Sonny, Blossom is conflicted as to whether she should tell where they are."
25 Oct 1993
"Blossom discovers that a schoolmate keeps a gun in his locker and Joey comes across an alcoholic clown."
01 Nov 1993
"It's 10 years in the future and Nicks finds himself in a psychiatrist's office. During his session, he looks back and talks about Joey's potentially career-threatening injury, Blossom's ..."
08 Nov 1993
"Joey is invited to the Playboy Mansion and asks Anthony to come along. Blossom considers writing romance novels to earn extra money."
15 Nov 1993
22 Nov 1993
"Anthony goes to Las Vegas, falls off the wagon, and wakes up married to someone he just met. Nick fears the kids do not like his new girlfriend. Six is worried that she might be pregnant."
29 Nov 1993
"Anthony and Shelley decide to have a formal wedding. Six takes a pregnancy test. Buzz returns after divorcing Genvieve."
13 Dec 1993
"No description"
24 Jan 1994
"Blossom finds herself attracted to her supervisor at a homeless shelter which creates tension with Vinnie. Anthony experiences his first encounter of racism since marrying Shelley. Nick considers becoming a vegetarian."
31 Jan 1994
"Blossom and Vinnie fix Six up with one of Vinnie's friend who seems to be more interested in Blossom. Joey is surprised to find out that his secret admirer is one of his teammates."
21 Feb 1994
"Blossom dreams about starring in a 50's beach movie."
"No description"
19 Mar 1994
"No description"
02 May 1994
"Blossom goes to a drive-in movie with Nick and finds out some surprising information about him. Anthony and Shelly have a fight when he is visited by Rhonda. Joey has flashbacks about his mother's history of letting him down."
09 May 1994
"At their prom, Blossom and Vinnie have a fight when she finds out that he has not told her that he has been accepted to Princeton."
23 May 1994
"With graduation approaching, Joey is given the chance to play minor league baseball. Meanwhile, Blossom and Vinnie face a tough decision in their relationship."
Season 5 - Blossom
26 Sep 1994
"With Joey going on the road to play minor league baseball, Anthony and Shelly moving out, Vinnie away at college and Nick getting ready to marry Carol, Blossom has trouble coping with change."
03 Oct 1994
"After Blossom and Nick have a fight over her resistance to change, she goes out on the road with Joey to get away from home."
10 Oct 1994
"Kennedy adopts a stray bulldog; Blossom collars Joey into fixing her up with his teammate."
17 Oct 1994
"Blossom films a video for Anthony and Shelly's soon-to-be-born baby. Nick and Carol are conflicted on their wedding plans. Joey gets the rookie treatment from a veteran player."
24 Oct 1994
"On the day of Nick and Carol's wedding, Joey loses Nick's wedding ring."
"No description"
07 Nov 1994
"Blossom is put of charge of babysitting Kennedy and her bratty friend. After leaving his girlfriend to go on the road, Joey is given a rookie initiation."
14 Nov 1994
"Blossom and Six are bummed when they find out that they were not accepted to the same college. Nick offers to help Joey who is going through a slump."
21 Nov 1994
"Blossom had issues with her school newspaper. In a dream, she affects celebrities' careers."
"No description"
09 Jan 1995
"Blossom is a big hit at a college party she and Six crash."
16 Jan 1995
"Blossom auditions for a high school acting class but considers quitting after a tough instructor questions her desire."
23 Jan 1995
"Blossom is excited to have a date with her new boyfriend but seems unable to get any quality time with him due to everyone else interrupting them."
06 Feb 1995
"Nick hurts his back. Joey dreams he is on \"Jeopardy\" with Blossom and Albert Einstein then decides to go back to school."
13 Feb 1995
27 Feb 1995
"Blossom's dream date with a popular guy in school becomes a nightmare when he assaults her after she resists his advances."
06 Mar 1995
"The family prepares to say goodbye when Anthony decides to accept a new job in Rhode Island."
13 Mar 1995
"A chance encounter with Talia Shire gets Blossom a prominent role in a film. However, she is conflicted when she realizes that it requires nudity."
20 Mar 1995
"Blossom faces the reality that she might not graduate after she argues with a teacher over a grade and refuses to finish the class."
22 May 1995
"Joey proposes; Nick plans to sell the house."
22 May 1995
"Blossom has a difficult time accepting her dad's decision to sell the house so she decides to scares potential house-buyers."