Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Anthony Bourdain, chef, writer, traveler, visits places all around the world sampling various foods.

Genre: Documentary

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2005

IMDb: 8.4

Season 1 - Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
25 Jul 2005
"Host Tony Bourdain checks out rumors that darkness is the excuse for Icelanders to party the night away."
01 Aug 2005
"Tony travels to Iceland in January, where he turns a cold cranky tour into a hilarious diatribe on fermented meats. Also, look for the tribute to \"Lost in Translation\" towards the end."
08 Aug 2005
"Host Anthony Bourdain comes out of the closet about his New Jersey roots and takes a sentimental journey through the New Jersey of his youth. Find out why the state can't shake its bad ..."
15 Aug 2005
"A vicarious thrill ride as Tony discovers Vietnam from the buzzing streets of Hanoi to the rural beauty of the Montagnards, and the mysterious Island of Mr. Sang. This episode shows exactly..."
22 Aug 2005
"Tony has always been fascinated by the notion of \"natural fusion,\" the way cuisines and cultures blend over the centuries. He's particularly fascinated by Malaysia."
"No description"
17 Oct 2005
"On assignment and with deadline looming for a major food magazine, Tony's got four days to cover the \"very best\" of the new chef-centric Las Vegas. He visits The Double Down, Bouchon, El Sombrero, Beauty Bar, Freemont Street and much more."
24 Oct 2005
"Anthony Bourdain is in for a wild trip as he journeys through Uzbekistan's capital, Tashkent, goes to a bellydancing club, gets to know the culture by visiting a local mosque, and shops for a wedding present. and more."
07 Nov 2005
"Tony Bourdain travels to Christ Church, New Zealand to give a guest lecture at Savour, an upscale food and wine convention. When he can't connect with his audience, he heads for the countryside to find the real Kiwi lifestyle."
"No description"
Season 2 - Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
27 Mar 2006
"Anthony Bourdain takes us back to his favorite places in Asia. In this volume, he explores the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan. He tastes everything from goat to cockles and encounters one animal he won't eat... monkeys!"
03 Apr 2006
"Anthony Bourdain begins his outer Miami exploration in the vibrant Creole enclave of Little Haiti. He heads to the vast subtropical preserves of the Everglades. In South Beach, he visits a dive bar, Club Deuce and Loco Taqueria."
10 Apr 2006
"Anthony Bourdain is on a mission to obtain personal enlightenment, and his travels bring him to Peru, a land of ancient culture, rich cuisine, and vibrant people."
17 Apr 2006
"Tony visits a duck farm and processing plant to see how foie gras is made, teaches a class at the Montreal Culinary Institute and plays hockey with a local university hockey team."
24 Apr 2006
"Anthony Bourdain is off to investigate Sweden, 'a land of contrasts'. He is hoping to dispel the myths of tall blonds, Swedish meatballs, and ABBA."
01 May 2006
"Tony and Andy, a native, dine on roasted pig in Cayay, attend a posh party at a hacienda, search for a chupacabra in the jungle, meet boxing champion Miguel Cotto, and travel to Ponce to take in the Festival of the Virgin Mary."
08 May 2006
"Anthony Bourdain's Japanese adventure begins in Osaka at an underground bar devoted to the hardcore fans of the local baseball team, the Hanshin Tigers. Then he goes to the Kiso Valley for some relaxation."
22 May 2006
"Tony visits Texas border towns and Piedras Negras, Mexico."
29 May 2006
"India is a land of color, aroma, kind people, and delicious cuisine. Anthony heads off to the more desolate region of Rajasthan in the northwest corner of the continent."
05 Jun 2006
"Over the years, Tony Bourdain has fallen in love with India. The culture, the cuisine, the communities - it's all delicious and enchanting."
12 Jun 2006
"Nari, an employee at Tony's office, has been bothering him to do a show on her native Korea. Tony gives in to the pressure and next thing you know, they're in Seoul and the adventure begins."
"No description"
03 Jul 2006
"Tony goes to Spain and visits Chef Ferran Adria of el Bulli."
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"No description"
Season 3 - Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
01 Jan 2007
"Ireland is steeped in history and traditions, both oral and written. It is also steeped in the myth that it has the worst food on the planet. New York chef and travel television host ..."
08 Jan 2007
"Anthony Bourdain is at it again, this time heading to Ghana. The old Ghana, a land of forts and slavery, is a strong contrast to the modern-era Ghana, a culture filled with food and music."
15 Jan 2007
"Anthony Bourdain is setting-off to visit the land introduced to us by Lewis and Clark. Washington and Oregon are filled with abundant natural resources and people obsessed with developing and cultivating them."
22 Jan 2007
"In Namibia, Tony's friend and guide, Garrett, introduces Tony to the fine art of sandboarding. German immigrant Hans takes Tony on a hunt for famous Namibian truffles and then for the poster-animal for Namibia."
29 Jan 2007
"Anthony Bourdain's travels have brought him around the globe, this time to Russia, the homeland of Tony's friend Zamir. Remembering his massage torture in Uzbekistan, courtesy of Zamir, Tony has revenge on his mind."
05 Feb 2007
"The life and pathos of Los Angeles is one that Anthony Bourdain's all too familiar with, however, he's come this time to prove there are many dignified and exciting cultures living right outside the fringes of the Hollywood strip."
"No description"
06 Aug 2007
"Anthony Bourdain's a New Yorker at heart. He loves the energy and soul of NYC but lately, detests the touristy amusement park that it's becoming. So he sets off on a quest to rediscover why he so loves this concrete jungle."
13 Aug 2007
"Although Tony once considered Sao Paolo an \"ugly\" city, he has since changed his mind thanks to his \"Paolista\" friends. Moreover, the mix of backgrounds and ethnicities prove the city to be a culturally rich place."
20 Aug 2007
"Tahiti evokes imagery of paradise, but there's more to Tahiti than meets the eye. Tony arrives in French Polynesia to seek out its lesser-known attributes: legends of cannibalism, a subsistence of transvestites, and much more."
"No description"
03 Sep 2007
"Where we really started to hit our story telling stride - technically and stylistically. The \"Bamboo Noodle Guy\" remains a classic scene I'm very proud of. The show is paced -- and looks --..."
10 Sep 2007
"Patagonia, Argentina, lies at the lower tip of South America. Amid a white abyss of icecaps and glaciers, Tony has arrived at \"the end of the world\" but chooses to begin his journey in colorful Buenos Aires."
17 Sep 2007
"South Carolina is a state filled with culture, history, and delicious cuisine. It is also a state Anthony Bourdain has never visited before. He has decided it is time for a visit of a discovery of Southern hospitality."
24 Sep 2007
"Tony's in bella Tuscany, exploring this contrasting land of heaven and hell: heaven because of its breathtaking scenery; hell because of not only its famous hell-writing native son, Dante, but also the hellish trip to get there."
"No description"
Season 4 - Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
07 Jan 2008
"Singapore is a country devoted to food. Its people have adapted Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian cuisines into plentiful, cheap but exquisite foods. To Tony, this might be best place on Earth."
14 Jan 2008
"Tony finds himself in Berlin, a city both good and evil, eastern and western, repulsive and appealing. During his stay, he hopes to experience the cuisine and underground culture that makes this city so intriguing."
21 Jan 2008
"Tony explores the gorgeous scenery and an evolving food scene in Vancouver."
28 Jan 2008
"Tony visits the local market to analyze the Greek diet."
04 Feb 2008
"Who better to explore the true impact of Katrina than Tony Bourdain?"
"No description"
18 Feb 2008
"Tony discovers Jamaica is a nation of generous and vibrant people."
25 Feb 2008
"Anthony Bourdain celebrates Zamir's 50th birthday with a trip to Romania."
03 Mar 2008
"Hawaii is arguably the most exotic of \"The States.\""
"No description"
07 Jul 2008
"Tony is ready to discover what it is that makes Laos so unique."
14 Jul 2008
"Colombia is a bright and beautiful country with an unfortunate past."
21 Jul 2008
"Tony has to choose between fan submissions to pick where to go for his next show. He ends up picking Saudi Arabia, in order to find out how people in this very different country live and eat."
28 Jul 2008
"Tony is on a mission to connect with his family in Uruguay."
04 Aug 2008
"Anthony visits various places in the American Southwest, in California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas."
11 Aug 2008
"Anthony Bourdain is off to Tokyo in search of the perfect sushi and a knife."
18 Aug 2008
"Tony visits Spain where there are intense local culinary traditions."
25 Aug 2008
"Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations on Earth."
"In honor of Labor Day, Tony takes us backstage for a very special highlight show that includes goofs, silliness and some of the baddest food on the planet."
Season 5 - Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
"No description"
12 Jan 2009
"Tony's mission on this trip is to step into the Venice of Venetians."
19 Jan 2009
"Tony Bourdain is in Washington D.C., to explore this city of contrasts."
26 Jan 2009
"Tony finds out more about the motherland of Azorean Portuguese immigrants."
02 Feb 2009
"How has Tony Bourdain avoided visiting Chicago for so long?"
"No description"
16 Feb 2009
"Tony visits the Philippines, the \"Land of the Lechon.\""
23 Feb 2009
"Tony visits some of the oldest and most classic NYC restaurants."
02 Mar 2009
"Tony experiences the wide range of Sri Lankan cuisine in Colombo."
09 Mar 2009
"Tony decides to relocate for a year to write the great Vietnamese novel."
13 Jul 2009
"Chile's cuisine reflects its topographical diversity."
"No description"
27 Jul 2009
"Tony travels to the heart and soul of America's rust belt."
03 Aug 2009
"Street food is the common thread through out all No Reservations episodes."
10 Aug 2009
"San Francisco is a city of districts and contradictions."
"No description"
24 Aug 2009
"Tony explores the snow-capped mountains of Livingston, Montana."
31 Aug 2009
"Tony answers the top 10 viewer questions from an online poll."
"No description"
"Tony visits Sardinia, his wife's homeland, and learns what it means to be Sardinian as he gives himself over to the Busia family for a week. From the craggy mountainous landscape to the exotic cuisine and age-old traditions, Tony learns that Sardinia really is it's own country with a strong island mentality and an even stronger personality."
Season 6 - Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
11 Jan 2010
"Anthony Bourdain unravels Panama and its crossroad of cultures."
18 Jan 2010
"Tony reveals more than just kebab in Istanbul, Turkey."
25 Jan 2010
"Tony tours this alluring French gastronomic region."
01 Feb 2010
"Tony tests the culinary landscape of Prague."
08 Feb 2010
"Tony travels up and down the Hudson River Valley."
01 Mar 2010
"Tony explores and savors the Ecuador eateries and street vendors."
08 Mar 2010
"Anthony visits with food-obsessed individuals."
15 Mar 2010
"Tony explores Russian- and Korean-influenced cuisine in Manchurian winter."
22 Mar 2010
"Tony simplifies his lifestyle in this area of France."
29 Mar 2010
"Tony visits a part of Vietnam he has never visited before."
05 Apr 2010
"Some of the world's best chefs demonstrate classic and simple dishes."
12 Apr 2010
"Anthony Bourdain heads north to Maine for fresh seafood and more."
"No description"
"No description"
12 Jul 2010
"Tony searches for the heroes of the food scene in the American Heartland."
19 Jul 2010
"Tony visits Liberia, the first independent nation in Africa."
"No description"
02 Aug 2010
"This documentary captures Tony's experiences of being on the cusp of fame."
09 Aug 2010
"Tony experiences the building boom that has taken place in Dubai."
"No description"
23 Aug 2010
"Tony is determined to return to Beirut after a violent 2006 trip."
30 Aug 2010
"Get a taste of all that must be done to complete each episode."
06 Sep 2010
"Tony discusses with the crew how the program began and how it is made."
06 Sep 2010
"Explore the varied ethnic communities that contribute to the pulse of Paris."
13 Sep 2010
"Tony takes a trip during the World Cup to Madrid."
"No description"
Season 7 - Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
28 Feb 2011
"In this episode, Tony visits the Caribbean nation of Haiti."
07 Mar 2011
"Tony returns to Cambodia to reconnect with this historically rich country."
14 Mar 2011
"Tony discovers the determination necessary to live in modern-day Nicaragua."
21 Mar 2011
"Tony, who has never been to Vienna, digs deeper into its real culture."
28 Mar 2011
"Tony uncovers the Ozark culture and its unique and hospitable community."
11 Apr 2011
"Tony immerses himself in unexplored gastronomical treasures of the Amazon."
18 Apr 2011
"Tony visits the tough and infamous South Boston."
25 Apr 2011
"Tony and his crew set out to discover Hokkaido, Japan's wild west frontier."
11 Jul 2011
"The soul of Cuba is found in a baseball stadium packed with exuberant fans."
"No description"
"No description"
01 Aug 2011
"Tony cooks at the best restaurant in the world, El Bulli."
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
29 Aug 2011
"Tony travels to Cajun country and enjoys a mind-bending boucherie."
"No description"
Season 8 - Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
"No description"
16 Apr 2012
"Tony joins musicians, Dan & Patrick of The Black Keys for some serious BBQ."
23 Apr 2012
"Tony cruises Croatia's coast in search of The New Riviera."
30 Apr 2012
"Tony experiences the cultural & culinary rebirth of Portugal's capital."
07 May 2012
"Tony explores Japan through the culinary phenomenon that is \"Cook it Raw.\""
14 May 2012
"In Finland, Tony joins musician Sami Yaffa on the world's only pub tram."
28 May 2012
"Tony tries clam tostadas from a street cart that may be the world's best."
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